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Power Parent

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Meet the Coach

Griselle Phillips is a Power Parent coach who has degrees in Psychology and Social Work. She has a credential in strength-based family work. She received professional training from Yeshiva University and Cornell University.

Power Parent in Bronx, New York offers a private therapeutic coaching service for you, the parents, who are struggling to find non-medication approaches for your children (between ages 5 and 17) who have been diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD is the acronym for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

This coach also assesses for anxiety and depression that can accompany ADHD. Your therapeutic coach, Griselle, has more than 15 years of experience working with children and families, in private offices and out in the community, helping them to resolve various conditions, including ADHD. She has also supervised social work and mental health professionals. Griselle would like those of various backgrounds to join Power Parent on the journey to tackle the symptoms of ADHD. She provides coaching and workshops.


 "Support from your coach - We'll diminish ADHD, and possible accompanying anxiety and depression symptoms, together!"

Power Parent is a safe space where you can regain your power and deliver a parenting style that encourages you to implement evidenced based, non-medication approaches for your child. Studies show that there are also positive results for non-medication approaches to ADHD symptoms.

Your Power Parent coach will provide techniques and support. We will implement interventions to address any anxiety or depression that may even accompany your child's ADHD. We'll tackle the symptoms together.

The coaching process starts with an assessment of your parenting style and your child's behavior. Then, we will demonstrate parent techniques for you and teach your child strategies for coping. Lastly, we will show you how to set up your environment to suit your child's needs.

After those steps, the process of coaching will begin. If you are a parent who is seeking a non-medication approach or are feeling low parental satisfaction, parental powerlessness, or defeated and unsupported and would like to gain more quality "me" time, learn more here about what Power Parent members are doing that is reducing their children's ADHD symptoms and increasing their family's quality of life.

Contact Power Parent! Getting help now is a key step in getting your child on track and having a healthier family as a whole.

What Parents Are Saying

"Through the help of Power Parent, I was able to understand my daughter's behavior and was able to relax and have more patience when helping her."

"Power Parent made me feel safe and confident because they gave me the support and tools I needed to help my two children to manage their own behavior."

"My son's ADHD caused him to have problems with behavior at school. I felt really supported as I learned how to help my child manage his anxiety and improve his behavior."

"I Thought that punishing my child was the absolute answer for getting rid of my child's acting out behavior, but I found out that catching him doing the right thing helped my child better."

"My child has ADHD and can be so disruptive. I learned how to help her calm down and to take time for myself to relieve some of my own stress too."

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