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Power Parent

Tackle ADHD! Diminish Anxiety & Depression  

Your Child’s Health Matters Most

Put your child’s needs first and make each interaction with them important. If you think your child has ADHD, contact Power Parent. Through an initial evaluation, we can determine your child's type of ADHD. Find out what's really going on with your child. A Power Parent coach can work closely with you to help your child. When you need further guidance to tackle ADHD symptoms you may book coaching services at Power Parent in Bronx, New York. We offer a Power Parent coaching component which provides a safe space for you, the parent, to learn effective, non-medication techniques for your child (between ages 5 and 17) who has Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. 

Choose Your Plan Today, First! 

Featured Plans 

Platinum Plan Offer ($399.00)

Receive coaching once a week for one month with one workshop included.

Gold Plan Offer ($349.00)

Receive coaching once a week for one month.

Silver Plan Offer ($219.00)

Receive two coaching sessions with feedback.

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